5 Actionable Tips for Quality Agriculture Recruiting

A wide range of businesses like farming, feed, seed, fertilizer and food processing require qualified agriculture professionals. Finding and recruiting the right type of talent for your agriculture business is challenging and takes a lot of efforts. Here are some actionable tips to fill the vacancies in your organization with the talented agriculture professionals you have been looking for.

1. Prepare an Effective Job Description

An effective recruitment process starts with writing an informative job description. It should give the prospective candidates a clear idea about your organization and the open position. Describe in clear terms the kind of people you are looking for. Specify the skills and qualifications you would like the candidates to possess. Your job description should be short and to the point in order to inspire qualified candidates to apply for the given position.

2. Use an Applicant Tracking System

In today’s digital age when companies receive innumerable resumes in response to a single job posting, it becomes almost impossible to manually go through each of them. Finding the right match for your opening again would be equally difficult. An applicant tracking system (ATS) helps you automate the recruitment process. Right from posting your requirement on different sites to shortlisting the applicants to scheduling the interviews, it takes care of almost the entire hiring process for you.

3. Consider Your Employees and Their Referrals

Your present employees can be a great resource to fill the vacancies in your organization. They already know about your business and the work environment. Wherever possible, you can consider training and grooming up your employees for new openings. Additionally, you can also ask them to refer their friends and acquaintances. In addition to helping you with your manpower requirements, this will also give them a sense of belongingness and value. For additional motivation, you can also tie the referral program with a monetary incentive scheme.

4. Attend Agriculture Industry Events

Attend agriculture industry events, such as farming expos, exhibitions and job fairs. These events are likely to attract people interested in the agriculture industry and hence give you an excellent opportunity to network with the potential candidates. You can publicize your openings in different manners like hoardings, banners, LED screens and pamphlets. Be sure to prominently display the relevant contact details for the candidates to apply for the given positions. This can be in the form of your recruitment webpage, email ID or your HR’s mobile number.

5. Work with an Agriculture Recruitment Agency

Consider roping in an agriculture executive recruiting firm. It will most likely give you excellent results sans all the headache of the tiring recruitment process. Most of these agencies will have a huge database of employable workforce. They will also be experienced in conducting interviews and matching the right candidates with the given job openings. They often dive deeper than the resume to find the highly impactful candidates for your agriculture business.

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