7 Must Read Books to Rethink Your Health

We all need to rethink our health to some degree. These books can be of great help as they force you to think about some of the very things that define our health, and more importantly help us to change them up a bit.

1. Master Your Metabolism

This book is not only helpful with its insight, but it also happens to be written by a bit of an icon. As Jillian Michaels has gained in popularity due to her TV show and appearances, this book is sure to be just as popular. This book helps you to rethink what you’re eating, how often you’re exercising, and get you into motion to change up your overall picture of health.

2. Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul

This book focuses on the overall well being of an individual which includes physical and mental health. Written by Deepak Chopra, this offers up solutions in alternative medicine and thinking which makes for a refreshing change from the norm. This book will really cause you to think twice and change up some of your habits for a meaningful and healthy life.


3. Eat to Live

This book takes it to a whole new level as it focuses on how and what you should eat to maintain healthy living. Not only does this focus on weight loss, but so much more as it looks at what really makes up healthy living and how food can help to sustain that.

4. Skinny Bitch

This had to make the list as it has become so popular due to its honest and often times hard hitting content. This is a new way of looking at health and gives you real honest feedback as to why you aren’t living a healthy life and why you can’t take off the pounds. It’s a must read for a realignment of how to live your healthiest life….and to take some pounds off in the process!

5. Younger Next Year

What’s so great about this book is that it focuses on the big picture of healthy living. This book takes into account why you feel older than you are and what to do about it. If you want to live healthier and lead a much more enjoyable life, then this book is well worth a read. Who can’t benefit from trying to feel and live younger than their actual years?

6. You – The Owner’s Manual

Brought to popularity because of the popularity of its author, Dr. Oz, this is a must read book. If you want to take inventory of the real you and what it means towards healthy living, this is the book for you. This will point out what you’re doing wrong and more importantly help you to try and do things right. This is a great book to really make a difference in your overall health.

7. The G-Free Diet

Though it may not seem applicable to everyone, a gluten-free diet can be very advantageous. As more and more people develop allergies to gluten or just want to eat healthier, this book can shed some light on this specific ingredient.

Being informed is a big part of your health, and these books will be of great help. If you need help with rethinking the very things that define our health, then these books can be just what you’re looking for.

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