Solar PV Projects: How They Can Make a Difference

Fluctuations in electricity utility bills have prompted more and more businesses and other end users to make the shift to solar – a clean and sustainable energy source that will help mitigate the consequences of climate change. Various mid and large sized solar PV projects all over the world are helping to make a difference.

Rising interest in solar PV projects

It used to be just a few homes or schools adopting solar power to do their bit for the environment, set an example or save on energy costs. However we are now seeing a change in that individual installations are giving way to multi-site solar photo voltaic projects that fulfill larger and more complex energy needs of a school, district or town; or mid and large scale industry.

solar-panelsThis keenness for adopting solar power is seen in government entities, schools and municipalities as well as commercial ventures. People look to lower costs by lowering energy bills and also get tax breaks by using solar power. It is possible to take advantage of governments incentivizing clean and sustainable sources of energy by offering such tax breaks.

Challenges ahead

There are several challenges of using solar power instead of conventional electricity sources for one’s energy needs – firstly there is the fact that initial costs in setting up and installing a Solar PV system can be quite high. Then it is important for proper maintenance and for correct operating procedures to be followed if one is to obtain the expected benefits from setting up a solar plant.

Another challenge faced by those interested in adopting solar power is that they may be unable to install PV projects due to their dwelling type – for instance apartment style buildings, etc.

More options in the market than ever before

Since initial costs can be very high, third party ownership options can be availed by end users. The number of mid-sized solar PV projects has risen significantly in recent years. Large scale solar photovoltaic installations are also brought to fruition with more and more financial entities becoming willing to finance these ventures. Larger projects can serve large buildings or communities.

One of the options available to small and midsized end users is that of leasing solar power generation equipment. Leasing agreements between customers and service provider can work to the advantage of the consumer: here the consumer doesn’t have to buy the equipment outright. It is leased to the consumer who then uses the power generated by paying a lesser amount. This also takes care of maintenance and proper operation of the leased equipment.

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