Evidence of Free Energy Suppression

If we ever needed evidence of the conspiracy theory about the suppression of free energy creation, then surely, the blocking of sales of cheap solar panels from China to Europe has to rank up there with the best of the X-files. Before you get carried away, I’m not a conspiracy theorist or someone who spends their time trolling the internet being anything anti-establishment just for the sake of having an opinion. I’m a working father of three who pays tax and holidays once per year and twice if I’m lucky.

That doesn’t mean I’m blind either. I’m not going to accuse David Cameron and his fellow leaders in Brussels of being members of the illuminati, but I am saying there is something wrong when our governments’ solution to China’s subsidised production of and exporting of solar panels is to place import duties on them that make the process unworkable. The European Commission, which is the executive arm of the European Union has been at loggerheads with China for nearly two months (since the beginning of June 2013 and it’s August at the time of writing) about the import duties imposed.

Emerging cold war of words

free energy suppression

This action has sparked a trade war of words between the two nations because China also imports a large amount of products from Europe such as wine and it has a massive and growing market for luxury goods. China has indicated that unless the duties charged on solar panels to EU member states is lifted, it will impose similar levies on goods travelling in the opposite direction. Northing has threatened trade between China and Europe on this scale since the opium wars in the nineteenth century.

Little of this serious issue has been reported in the mainstream media, although it only takes two seconds on Google to see the scale of this dispute and it’s definitely something to worry about. No doubt, some conspiracy theorists out there believe this to be a bold move by China to reduce the power of oil-rich states and Western countries that are heavily invested and reliant on fossil fuel. It would and further improve the standing of the still communist state in global trade. It seems that the oxymoron of Communist China as a global trade superpower, but that’s exactly what they are at the moment.

Why are the powers in Brussels blocking China?

Despite the benefits to China in global trade terms, the fact that Brussels is in essence inhibiting the progress of cheap, clean energy production has to hit home somewhere. Why must we endure the rising cost of keeping our homes fuelled when cheaper and more environmentally options exist? Surely, the European government should see that cheap electricity is in the best interests of citizens of Europe, so why are we not allowed to benefit from cheap imports?

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