Paperless Presentation with Tablets and Projectors

Thankfully, the days of searching for a whiteboard marker (that actually works) and clumsily sorting through paper files are a thing of the past. Presenting facts, figures and imagery to two plus people commands a portable projection device in both today’s office and the modern classroom. But when it comes to paperless presenting, the right (or wrong) technology can make (or break) your business deal, and engage (or disappoint) your audience.

As we edge closer and closer to a planet friendly, paperless society, the tablet has emerged as the new must have accessory and a very now, extremely practical, effortlessly mobile tool – with gigabytes of cool factor and loads of practical presentation friendly features.

paperless-presentationWhether you’re presenting to a large audience, or an individual, tablets such as the iconic iPad make excellent tools for creating and delivering effective presentations – with supreme mobility. With a tablet, all of your stored information is at your fingertips, so you won’t have to walk over to a table to click or type on your laptop. Your tablet facilitates crystal clear photos and ‘clean’ video footage. In fact, it has the power to completely eliminate paper clutter from a meeting. Post presentation, email the slideshow to members of your audience; and seal a deal with an electronic signature. Tablets not only enhance the delivery and look of your presentations, they’ll create the valuable impression that your business is ahead of the game.

Ricoh has cleverly joined the tablet party with a new range of projectors, aptly described as ‘brilliance in a box,’ boasting a world first Ricoh iPad app – specifically designed to support the paperless meeting. In short, Ricoh has ingeniously married the two technologies to bring the presentation well and truly into the 21st century, and outshine the projection pack.

Ricoh TAMAGO paperless presentation software allows sharing and synchronisation of presentations on the Apple iPad. Wirelessly connect the Tamago tool to your Ricoh projector, for big screen capability, and the page displayed on the projector is automatically synchronised with that of the presenter’s. Meeting materials can be shared ‘live’ among participants on their iPads, which makes distribution of printed paraphernalia a thing of the past. Endless features comprise a seamless projection experience using any current iPad model via wireless LAN. Dual tablet and projector capability permit a great presentation at the flick of your finger, and a switch, paving the way for a paperless revolution, and exciting projection times ahead.

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