5 Eco Friendly Paper Products

Think of paper and the idea of swathes of rainforest laid to waste pops into the mind. We are after all constantly being urged to take the paperless route whenever possible: email instead of snail mail, demat bank deposits and shares instead of certificates, eBooks instead of actual books…. The list goes on!

But sometimes, using paper products can be a better alternative. So how do you go about finding eco friendly paper products? Well firstly look for the recycled products. Paper that is created from recycled materials such as waste paper and other waste items (pre consumer waste as well as post consumer waste) will have less impact on the environment.


Here are some ideas for using more eco friendly paper products in your day to day life:

1. Eco friendly paper Plates

You can find this kind of product on a lot of online sites. It makes you feel a lot less guilty if the disposable paper plates that you bring along for your next picnic are the sort that did not rely upon trees to be produced!

2. Paper Towels and Napkins

Towels and napkins made from recycled paper can also be great ideas. It can make a lot of sense to use things that are made from recycled paper when it’s going to be just one use and then consigned to the trash bin.

3. Paper cups

Cups made from recycled paper can also be a good idea. So the next time you order a latte to go, inquire if they use recycled paper cups. That way when you crush and toss you’ll fell just that little bit less responsible for contributing to the land fill.

4. Recycled Paper Bags

Pass up the plastic bag they offer you at the store, carry your own paper bag: funky, pretty, and unusual! And recycled paper bags can be put to a lot of other uses: Use them as carry bags, shopping bags, gifting bags and so much more!

5. Gift Wrapping Paper

Eco-friendly gift wrapping paper is another great way to go the recycled way. Many manufacturers know the importance of making products from recycled paper because responsible and aware consumers now ask for them.

When you do buy eco-friendly paper products look for the sign on the package that says “Recycled” – preferably the type that have a larger percentage of “post-consumer” raw materials used in their manufacture. Also look for items that are minimally treated, and preferably not bleached or colored; this can help you with composting if that is what you like to do!

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