5 Eco Friendly Hair Products – Good for Your Hair and Earth

Invariably, it turns out that when you look for cosmetics and products that are free from chemicals, and gentle for the hair and skin, they happen to be more eco-friendly as well. This is because a product that has only a small list of ingredients which are not chemicals, you can rest assured that you are not subjecting your hair to harshness and rough treatment, and at the same time that you are leaving less of an ecological impact with your consumption.

Here are some ideas for eco-friendly hair products to minimize that impact on your hair as well as the earth:


1. Eco Friendly Shampoo

The thing to do, when choosing friendly hair care products, is to look for a short list of ingredients that don’t include chemicals or at least include only a few chemicals. Don’t let the terms organic and so on mislead you. Look for shampoos that don’t list sodium lauryl sulfate in the list of ingredients and instead list names of flowers, fruits and natural oils.

2. Eco Friendly Hair Removers

It is best to use natural wax for waxing, but what about the fact that this is painful and you’d rather use depilatories? Now this may sound to be a bit of a contradiction in terms since hair depilatories are by definition chemicals that cause the hair to dissolve from the surface of the skin. However to help things along, you can look for products that do not use artificial fragrances, mineral oil or parabens, don’t test on animals.

3. Eco Friendly Hair Color

Don’t go by the claims “natural” or “herbal” emblazoned on the box because manufactures often make these unsubstantiated claims even when they use harmful chemicals. Instead look carefully at the ingredients list to see that chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, Para-phenylenediamine (PPD), parabens, and so on are not listed there or at least that they come a little way down on the list indicating that they are in smaller percentages.

4. Eco Friendly Hair Accessories

Hair accessories such as hairbrushes, berets, clips, pins, sticks, pony tail holders don’t have to be made of shiny plastic! Those made from wood and other natural materials like hemp, jute, straw, coconut leaves and so on can be great ideas!

5. Eco Friendly Hair Spray

If possible, manage without hair spray but if you cannot, look for recipes to make a natural homemade spray that uses neither plastic pump nor aluminum aerosol!

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