Tips for Buying an Eco Friendly Chair

Once you have decided to minimize your carbon footprint and live an eco friendly lifestyle, it starts showing up in the smallest of decisions you take. But sometimes, you may not have enough information and that may prevent you from going for a greener option. This is usually true for petty household items like tables, stools and chairs.

Chairs are so common that they are found throughout the world, and they had been there as early as in 2 B.C. But the options of course were limited. Almost all the chairs were made of wood and cushions were used to ease the hardness. Later, Charles Darwin is said to have added wheels to his chair in order to get to his specimens quicker while in his study.

Today chairs are available in a multitude of materials and designs. But not all of them need to be environmentally friendly. So, what kind of chair you should go for and what all considerations are involved in buying a chair in order to ensure that you are taking an environmentally responsible decision?

Buy from a flea market

Buying from a ‘used goods market’ not only saves you money, but it also does a favor to the environment. This is because of the fact that a manufacturing process involved in producing each single product has some amount of impact on the environment, and by using a used item, you are saving the environment of that impact.

Buy local

Buying from a local manufacturer will encourage the industry in your area. This will help do away with transportation of materials over long distances, which in turn will save the natural resources and minimize the hazardous impact on the environment.

Avoid companies that use toxic chemicals

In order to make their product look chic and attractive, many companies use toxic chemicals in the paint and other finishing products, without having regard to the hazard they cause to the environment. Some companies may not be applying these harmful chemicals directly on the product but if they use them anywhere during the manufacturing process or even afterwards, products of such companies are best avoided.

Go for recycled materials

When you are buying a chair or any other furniture item, you are using up the natural resources. To reduce this impact, look for materials that are reclaimed from junk. For example, if it is a steel chair, be it one recycled from industrial/building waste. Similarly, if it is a plastic chair, be it one sourced from waste plastic and wood fibers. Going for renewable material like bamboo is also a good idea.

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