Why Should You Go Green? Here Are Some Top Reasons…

Sometimes people may ask: what is so important about green living? Why are so many organizations emphasizing on it? Well, there are literally a million reasons to go green – it is a responsible and less selfish way to live; it is good for the earth as well as our own health… There are so many of them and each of us may have a different reality about it. Here are some of the most cogent and convincing reasons to go green that we have tried to list out.

1. The planet is not only ours

We may pat ourselves on the back that we are the most evolved species (probably) in the universe and are able to manipulate the environment in ingenious and amazing fashions to suit our needs and comforts. But we are not the only creatures on this earth and it is utterly selfish to use the limited resources of the earth only for our own ends and means.

2. Save it for future generation

Save it for our Children, said Michael Jackson, singing his song Heal the World and this is a sentiment that should touch a chord in all of us. As we exploit our environment and lay waste to all that we touch, what is left for future generations?


3. Resources are limited

Oil reserves will ultimately run out; and they will do so in our own lifetime, say the pessimists. Who knows they may be right! And who knows what else we may run out of – water for instance!

4. Health concerns

Health is another one of the reasons to go green. Eating organic may be the eco friendly thing to do because there is no pollution of the earth with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and so on. But it is also good for us and our health and wellbeing because we are not polluting our own bodies with that toxic stuff.

Similarly, eating healthy (read natural, locally sourced and unprocessed produce) is good for the environment, as well as for our health, wellbeing and our waistlines.

5. Good for economy

Going green makes economic sense. Switching to clean energy, walking or cycling rather than taking the car can also mean significant savings. Making green choices costs less: to us and the earth.

6. Nature holds the clue

Nature’s bounty is not even revealed fully. The sort of natural cures that may be out there are not even fully revealed to man. Who knows there could be a natural AIDS cure out there, waiting to be discovered? But meanwhile we have to conserve what’s left of nature.

7. Reduce clutter

Going green helps reduce clutter in our own lives. When you live your life by the simple mantra of Renew, Recycle and Reuse you find yourself buying less extraneous stuff, paring down your life to simpler terms and using things only that you require. This makes for better organization, easier management and a lot less clutter in the home and in life!

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