Green Transportation: 5 Benefits of Electric Vehicles

You likely give a lot of thought to how you can make a difference to the environment; in terms of preventing the cutting of trees, reducing waste, recycling more, not creating pollution, and so on. But what about the way you travel? Do you also wonder how you can make a difference in that area of your life?

You can make a difference with green transportation or the electric vehicles that use no fossil fuels and have no emissions. An electric vehicle is not just for the golf course, you can use them for your office commute every day, for running errands and shopping, for security personnel, commercial or industrial uses and even off-road activities.

electric-vehiclesIt is often argued that electric vehicles are not really environment friendly because they use electricity which is often made by burning coal. Coal is a fossil fuel and is a big polluter. The fact is that it is possible to generate clean electricity: hydropower, thermal electricity and solar or wind power can also power a grid and when this is so, an electric vehicle is really running on clean and green energy.

Here are some of the direct benefits of using electric vehicles.

1. No Smoke Emission

Electric vehicles do not have combustion engines so there is no smoke or any other kind of emission from the engine.

2. No Fossil Fuel

These uniquely earth friendly vehicles can be charged from a wall socket, in much the same way that you would charge your cell phone. You never need to visit the gas station. So not only are these zero pollution vehicles, there is less pressure put on the world’s dwindling oil reserves.

3. No Noise Pollution

There is another, less lauded benefit of electric vehicles. There is no ignition in most of these vehicles; there is also no noise and no vibration. These silent vehicles mean a lot less driving fatigue for the person riding an electric scooter or driving an electric car. A silent vehicle also means lower noise pollution. Further, since there is no ignition you don’t have to play guessing games at traffic intersections. When not accelerating, the vehicle is off anyway, so there is no energy being wasted!

4. Less Maintenance

Since there are no moving parts (it is only a battery that propels these vehicles) there is very little maintenance required and fewer chances of having a break down.

5. Low Cost

An electric vehicle is cheaper to use than a petrol vehicle. So the rising oil prices worldwide are not a concern for electric vehicle owners. Global oil shortages also have no impact.

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