Green Tips for Driving Your Car

One of the ways in which we constantly impact the environment is the way we travel: using public transport is better, using fuel efficient cars is better, using certain driving habits is better and yes, using the right car insurance! In this article, we look at ways to lower the impact that our vehicles have on the environment:

Pick your vehicle wisely

Look at your daily commute and decide whether you really need a big old, gas guzzling SUV? Would a smaller, smarter car do? Consider if you will, an electric powered car, a scooter or even a bicycle for your daily needs. Car pool, walk and use public transport wherever and whenever possible.

Drive wisely to get the most out of fuel

eco-friendly-car-drivingYour car has a “sweet spot” – it is the speed at which you optimize fuel consumption. It is the speed at which the minimum amount of fuel is required by the car and it is also a safe speed for you to travel at.

Don’t carry around unnecessary stuff in the boot of your car, make sure the tire pressure is right, and the wheels are properly balanced – all these make a difference to fuel consumption.

Switch off the air con if the weather is pleasant. Using the air con in the car significantly lowers the number of miles you get per unit of fuel.

Switch off your vehicle at intersections when you have to wait longer than 30 seconds. Always accelerate and decelerate slowly and gently.

When you start off from an intersection, start slow. That sudden spurt of speed is unnecessary and meaningless – it also uses up significantly more fuel than a slower, steadier start would.

Other tips to increase fuel efficiency

Taking a defensive driving class is recommended for several reasons. It can help a person adjust to age related changes in reflexes, vision and physical abilities.

You can learn ways to avoid crashes and learn practical tips for good parking. The class can also help update knowledge about the law, teach driving tips, and offer information about how medications can affect driving ability.

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