Tips for Choosing Eco Friendly Stationery

There is so much in our lives that is now in ‘demat’ or dematerialized form: our bank statements arrive by electronic mail, we keep in touch with family and friends by way of social networking sites, business and money transactions are wired or done online, and we even read books on an eBook reader. This has reduced our reliance on paper, ink and other stationery to a very significant extent.

Do We Still Need Paper?

Yet there are many facets of life where we cannot yet manage without the use of paper. For instance the charm of a hand written letter is undeniable. We still treasure the little notes and missives that dear ones send us. Legal documents such as title deeds, contracts, etc. are still required to be on ledger paper and signed and sealed physically bearing proof of payment of duties and taxes.

green-stationeryFor a great number of us, the morning is incomplete without the physical feel of the newspaper in our hands. And for a million other reasons, we are not quite ready to bid adieu to pen and paper. So the need of the hour is eco friendly stationery.

What Is Eco Friendly Stationery?

Look for recycled paper that has been created from waste material and not by cutting down trees. And look for paper that is made from raw materials sourced from sustainable sources. Fast growing trees or bamboo for instance are more eco friendly and sustainable; and are also more easily renewable.

Also the manufacturing process, the ink used and should be the sort that eschews chemicals as far as possible. Packaging should be minimal as well. All of these factors contribute to making stationery eco friendly.

Some Examples

Here are some examples of what can constitute green or environment friendly stationery:

  • Stationery Boxes or containers made from recycled newspaper that can have an attractive paper mache look to them. Ideally look for up-cycled materials colored with vegetable or other non toxic dyes and colors.
  • Document holders that are made up of eco friendly recycled material or interesting looking cloth that has batik, tie and dye or block printed motifs (you will never want to opt for the generic plastic type again).
  • Notebooks or notepads made from recycled material, decorated with more earth friendly materials such as recycled glass or fabric.
  • Recycled-Fabric bound journals made from recycled paper.

The above suggestions could help you with your own stationery needs and can also make excellent gifts.

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