10 Tips for Eco Friendly Bathroom

Green homes have come a long way in recent times – from using earth friendly materials and construction practices to using insulation in order to lower energy bills. Bathroom is an important part of home that has sizeable impact on your green blueprint; you can’t think of a green home without a green bathroom. Going for a green bathroom is not that difficult a task. All it requires are few simple considerations to incorporate in the design, material usage and your daily lifestyle.

1. Go for Water Efficient Toilet

Toilet is the most water hungry appliance in your home. Pick toilets, and more importantly the flushes with care. A dual flush toilet will give you the option of using only the short flush rather than emptying the entire flush tank each time.

2. Take a Shower


When possible take a shower rather than a bath. You save so much water each time!

3. Use Earth Friendly Products

Look carefully at your shampoo, soap, detergent and toilet cleaner. Avoid ones that have a list of harsh chemicals; as far as possible, use non toxic homemade items.

4. Watch the VOCs

The paint on your walls and even the shower curtains could emit VOC (volatile organic compounds) that are inimical to your health and bad for the environment as well. Look for low VOC products.

5. Keep Up with the Cleaning

Prevent build-up of dirt, fungus and mildew in your bathroom by doing some regular light cleaning. Accumulation of soap sludge and dirt will mean you need harsh chemicals to clean up.

6. Have Proper Ventilation

Ventilate your bathroom properly to avoid excessive humidity. This will prevent mold and mildew and also obviate use of air fresheners (yet another source of chemicals).

7. Use Organic Bath Linen

Pick towels made from organic cotton that have been dyed with natural dyes.

8. Don’t Ignore That Leak

Leaning faucets or broken pipes can mean a constant loss of water. It may seem a small amount, but it adds up to an enormous amount of water wasted for no reason.

9. Pick Recycled Products

You can use recycled bathroom tiles to create interesting mosaic patterns in your bathroom. You can also use recycled, non bleached toilet paper – another earth-friendly decision.

10. Check Energy Stars

Shower heads, faucets and other bath implements are given star rating according to how water efficient they are. Items that use less water or which use aerators (to create the impression of greater water flow by adding air to the stream) are more earth friendly and get a higher rating.

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