How to Furnish Your Home with Recycled Plastic Bottles

Many people find it difficult to contribute towards the environment, even though they’d like to do more. One easy and fun way you can help is by avoiding buying plastic-based items, and instead making use of what you already have.

Plastic bottle is one thing that is found lying idle in every household. Did you ever know that a bit of creativity can help put it in so many different uses? Here, we will explore a few ways you can do your environment a favor by turning plastic bottles into useful items you can use in your everyday life.

Plastic Bottle Planters

Cut the top off toward the middle of any moderately tall, cylindrical bottle. It should be almost cut in half. Place dirt inside, plant some herbs, and keep in your kitchen to cook with when they grow.


Plastic Bottle Vases

Many plastic bottles, such as lotion bottles or shampoo bottles, have a functional vase shape and make perfect faux vases for households with hyperactive pets or children. The bottles are easily transformed into functional vases by simply cutting the lid element of the bottle off the top. This is all you technically need to do, but you may want to paint the bottle or turn it into a craft project with the kids and decorate it with stickers.

Milk Jug Window Shades

You can also do this with any other medium-to-large bottles, as long as they have a large amount of surface space. The surface space is important, because after cutting apart the jug and cutting the handle off, you will need to cut out an isosceles triangle shape from the remaining flat area of the plastic. Use a hole punch to make a hole on the very top point, and one at the bottom in the middle – between the other two side points. Make more triangles and then use closed “S” hooks to connect the triangles together through the holes.

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

If you’re an environmentalist with a love for birds, you can make an environmentally friendly birdhouse. This project is best done with a friend or family member, following certain instructions. You will be cutting holes into the bottle, so the project will certainly need monitoring if done with, or by, a child.

Plastic Bottle Beach Loafers

This one is pretty simple and is a great way to entertain the kids at the beach. These are beach loafers because you won’t want to walk on much anything else besides sand with these. You simply cut a hole through the middle of one side of each of two bottles, big enough to slide your foot through, like a shoe. Now, just put some soft tape around the edges of the cuts, so that the edge of the circle won’t cut around your ankles. You now have a see-through loafer!

This can be a lot of fun if you have plastic bottles of different shapes and sizes. It may even be a fun thing to bring on family vacations to the beach. Kids love to fill the shoes with sand once their feet are in, and see who can walk the fastest with such heavy shoes.

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