Eco Friendly Appliances: 5 Helpful Tips

The appliances that we use in the kitchen and elsewhere in the house – washing machines, refrigerators, blenders, ovens, heaters, dryers, freezers, the TV and other entertainment systems – not only add to your electricity bill but they also put a pressure on the electric grid.

So, buying eco friendly appliances and using the ones you already have is more responsible and eco friendly way that can help not only lower your bills but also place lower pressure on energy sources.
Here are some tips to make sure that your appliances are as eco friendly as possible and that using them has as little environmental impact as possible.

1. Buy the most modern technology


Older technology perhaps did not pay as much attention to reducing energy consumption or it wasn’t sufficiently advanced to lower our energy bills. In any case, due to government directions and laws as well as to cater to a more environmentally conscious consumer, modern appliances are built to run far more energy efficiently than their power hungry predecessors.

Modern appliances are also made with one eye on the ecology in terms of the processes and raw materials used for their manufacture. In recent times, tighter pollution laws, and more stringent directives for manufacturers have ensured that modern technology is perhaps more sensitive to the environment that older technology.

2. Keep an optimum setting

There is a setting for each appliance that it will run on in the most energy efficient fashion. Setting it at a lower or higher level will either reduce its performance or mean unnecessary energy consumption.

3. Use efficiently

Also use appliances efficiently: when you run the washing machine or dryer, do a full load and don’t run the entire cycle for a few items. If you have to cook a small meal don’t just a large pan and if you have to heat small portions, use the microwave rather than the slower oven.

4. Turn off when not in use

You can apply this to every appliance and electrical fitting that you use at home or at office; even the lights, fans, heating and cooling. Other appliances such as TVs will consume power even in their standby mode, when not being actually used.

5. Dispose of properly

Many manufacturers now have a disposal system or sale offers that offer a discount in exchange for your older appliances. Take advantage of these or make sure that you recycle what you can and dispose of safely what you cannot.

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