Water Filtration Is Good for Environment and Has Other Benefits Too

Water filtration has long been a popular trend, and filtering water can provide a cleaner and safer source of water to drink. There are contaminants that leech into your water supply each day. While they generally don’t harm you, they can alter the taste of your water as well as cause unknown problems with your health.

Here are reasons to start filtering your water, if you haven’t already started yet.

Poisons and Contaminants

There are over 2,100 known contaminants in your drinking water. These can be avoided by filtering your water through water filters. Water filters built in to a fridge are stronger than typical filters.


Cleaner Taste

Cleaner tasting water is always a benefit. You can get a crisp and clean taste by filtering your water before drinking it. Contaminants can create a distinct taste that is unpleasant and discourages you from drinking sufficient amounts of water.

Better for the Environment

Filtered water through your fridge is better for the environment than bottled water. Using bottles creates excess waste in landfills, and BPA can be leeched into your water bottles. Filters are ideal for conserving plastic, reducing your impact on the environment and being more eco-friendly for the planet and yourself. There are endless environmental positives to using a filtration system instead of bottles.

Reduces Cancer Risk

Cleaner water can reduce your risk of cancer that is caused by contaminants that may be present in your water supply. It’s not a guarantee, but there are health benefits to drinking filtered water instead of tap water. This is true even in developed countries where water doesn’t carry high-risk consumption.

Reduction in Learning Disabilities

The EPA estimates that hundreds of thousands of children each year are diagnosed with a learning disorder because of contaminated water supplies. This is reduced when you reduce the amount of contaminants in your drinking water. The only way to do this is by filtering your water through a point-of-use filtration system.


There are a dozen or more reasons to start filtering your water, but the most important reason is that it is simply healthier. You get a number of health benefits and environmental benefits when you use filter systems.

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