8 Eco Friendly Websites and Resources

They say the pen is mightier than the sword; or to update that proverb, cyberspace is mightier than the sword. The tremendous reach of the internet has made it possible to disseminate new ideas, offer information, and even create a revolution.

Eco friendly websites, blogs and other resources have made it possible to spread the word about making sustainable life choices and have created a small revolution all their own. They made accessible to the common Joe and Jane on the street, ways and means to actually make a difference to the planet: one small step at a time.

eco-friendly-websitesHere are some of the websites that can offer valuable tips for eco friendly living and insightful information about going green.

1. Treehugger

Treehugger is possibly one of the most popular green websites that offers solutions for green living including pointers on green fashion, sustainable homes and eco friendly travel as well. Global issues and even political issues that relate to ecology and the environment are also discussed.

2. Green Living Ideas

Green Living Ideas is a website that offers, well, green living ideas. They include posts such as the benefits of living off the grid and energy saving, rainwater harvesting, eco friendly clothing and architecture and so on.

3. Ethical Singles

If it is like minded green living and green thinking individuals you want to connect with, Ethical Singles may have something for you. The website can help you get in touch with green business practitioners, vegans, supporters of human rights, wildlife workers, charity activists or simply earth friendly consumers.

4. Good Guide

If it is eco conscious shopping that interests you, you may find Good Guide a useful resource. Personal care, cleaning, household items, pet products, products for babies and kids, clothing and even electronics and appliances that are more earth friendly feature here.

5. Discovery Channel’s Planet Green

Discovery Channel’s Planet Green covers topics such as fashion and beauty, home and garden, food and health, transport and technology and travel and the outdoors. Not only is it s great source for news and views, there are also quizzes, games and access to an online community.

6. Alternative Energy

Alternative energy speaks about possibilities and innovations in the field of alternative energy sources for home, office and transportation.

7. The Daily Green

The Daily green has news, tips and advice on green living, has one eye on climate change and even offers eco friendly recipes for you to try.

8. Grist

Grist is another popular green living blog dedicated to climate, energy, food, urban living, business and technology.

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