10 Eco Friendly Brands – We Need More of Them

While some companies can be seen to genuinely have a social and environmental conscience, others have come around to the eco friendly way of thinking due to competition. Either way, more earth friendly business policies benefit us all.

Here we look at some of the companies and brands that are taking the eco-friendly route in no particular order but which catch the fancy for different eco-friendly routes they adopt.


1. Statoil

Statoil is a Norwegian oil and Gas Company that rates highest on the sustainability index and has long term plans to reduce carbon-di-oxide emissions, already having invested in the World Bank’s Community Development carbon fund. It has also made bio-fuel blends available at filling stations.

2. Lush

Lush brand of fresh handmade cosmetics include bath, shower, skin care and perfume products that are vegetarian and great smelling naturally. Eschewing preservatives, they also use simple and minimal packaging and contribute to non-profits such as environmental protection and animal rights.

3. Waitrose

Waitrose is the UK based supermarket chain that concentrates on selling stuff that is locally produced. The company also grows and sells produce using solar and wind energy as well as bio-fuels.

4. MTR Corp

MTR Corp is the Hong Kong railway system that uses fuel efficient systems like regenerative braking (where the energy generated by braking is reused) and optimizes air conditioning use to save power.

5. Unilever

Unilever is the multinational brand that cuts carbon emissions, uses renewable energy sources and uses video conferencing to reduce business travel among their other earth friendly practices.


HSBC is the international bank that has done its bit for the environment by becoming carbon neutral. Using renewable energy and offsetting other emissions as well as making sizable contributions to negate climate changes are some of their eco friendly ventures.

7. Patagonia

Patagonia is the manufacturer of sports and outdoor clothing and gear. It has recycling programs, uses solar power, and also actively participates in animal conservation programs.

8. The Green Depot

The Green Depot offers environmentally friendly building and living solutions. Concepts such as FSC wood, weatherization, day lighting, insulation, heating and flooring are included in their building material solutions. Composters, coir products, canning jars, water filtration systems, low VOC paints, air purifiers etc are just some of their products

9. American Apparel

American Apparel has clothes which are 100% organic and non toxic. They use energy efficient production processes, actively recycle, and encourage employees to bicycle to work or use public transport.

10. Nike

Nike recycles shoes, uses organic cotton, and contributes to WWF. It also actively tries to reduce carbon emissions.

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