The Importance of Proper Home Insulation

As more and more people become mindful of leading environmentally low impact lives, the various ways to reduce reliance on energy sources are constantly being explored. One of the ways that it is possible to reduce energy consumption is home insulation.

How home insulation works

Warm air flows towards cooler air since it is less heavy and less dense than cooler air. So in summer, the heat outside flows towards the inside of a building and in winter the warm air inside the building escapes out of the building.

The job of proper insulation is to prevent this escape of warm air in winter and cool air in summer. This brings down how hard the home furnace or the home air conditioning units have to work, to keep the indoor temperatures at a comfortable level. So obviously your home’s energy consumption is lowered and hence your heating and cooling bills come down.


Home insulation is one of the ways to go green because it reduces your reliance on the electrical grid. Since electricity is typically produced by burning coal it is a non-renewable and non-sustainable resource that can be a significant pollutant. Hence reducing reliance on the electrical grid is always a green and environmentally responsible thing to do.

Insulation can also help protect the home from damp and hence may prevent allergens such as mold taking root in your home.

Insulating your home

Modern construction practices now routinely tend to incorporate home insulation to try and reduce bills as well as ecological impact of buildings. However, if your home is old or energy inefficient it can make sense to look at your insulation options now.

Open cell spray foam and closed cell spray foam are some of the techniques used for insulating buildings. They can quickly and efficiently insulate home interiors without having to make extensive structural changes.

Attic insulation is another important facet of home insulation since the top of the home is where most of the heat is lost. Whether it is a residential home or a commercial establishment, insulation makes eminent sense.

Fireproofing a home is another priority for property owners, which helps protect the building as well as the people using it. It helps improve safety as well as property resale value.

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