Eco Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

Rather than the usual variety of wedding favors, you can decide to go with eco friendly wedding favors for your special day. Not only do you know that going green is a responsible choice to make, it also means that you have some unusual and unique wedding favors that your guests will find memorable. Here are some of top ideas for eco friendly wedding favors:

1. Candles

bamboo-candlesCandles are always a great center piece décor item, but they can make marvelous wedding favors as well. Pick from a wide variety of eco friendly options such as bamboo wood candles, beeswax candles, soy candles, and so on. Many manufacturers will personalize the wedding favors for you, at little or no extra charge! A candle wedding favor is something that your guests will value and which will recall to mind your happy day.

2. Potted Plants

potted-plantsA growing thing is always makes a wonderful a gift or favor. It is symbolic of fecundity and growth, both concepts that are central to the institution of marriage. You can pick plants that are flowering, fragrant, even young tree saplings that can be transplanted later. You can pick plants that have certain symbolism in terms of what they represent.

You can use earth friendly potting options, using simple clay pots which you can leave as they are, or embellish using eco friendly ideas that you may have. Attach a printed or hand written tag to explain more about the plant, care and watering instructions and its symbolism. Again, a unique and memorable wedding favor for your guests!

3. Flower or Plant Seeds

flower-seedsPackets of seeds – wildflowers, seasonal flowering seeds, tree seeds and various other types of seeds can be your wedding favors. These can again be personalized in any way that you want: you can do it yourself or have it personalized from the online shop that you buy them from.

4. Personalized Sea Shells

sea-shellsThese eco friendly wedding favors can be inscribed with a special message, or they can be personalized in any other way. You can express your creative urges to decorate and personalize the seashells yourself or have them done for you professionally.

5. Hand Painted River Rock

river-rocksIt could be something as simple as rocks that you pick up from a beach or a river that is special to you and your husband or wife to be. You can then decorate these as per your own fancy, with colors to suit your theme, or a special message, or in any other way that you think will be truly memorable.

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