5 Effective House Clearance Tips

Be it at the time of home shifting, house sale or a regular cleanup during a festive season, we often feel the need to clear off unwanted junk that got accumulated over time. However, the process of uncluttering is not as easy as it sounds. Here are some simple, practical tips to break down and simplify the hectic process of house clearance.

1. Separate Treasure From Junk

Remember that your goal is to unclutter, not to empty your house. Segregate all the items into two categories – unwanted stuff that you want to dispose of and useful items that you want to keep. You may want to use colored labels or some other marking for easy identification.

2. Sell and Donate

From the items to be disposed of, sell those that are likely to get you good money (e.g. paintings, antiques and jewelry). Seek professional advice if the item is costly or if you want to sell it through an auction house. Less valuable items like clothes, furniture and books may be sold through eBay, Amazon and online classified sites. You may hold a garage sale for low cost items. For items that are difficult to sell, consider donating them to charities like Community Furniture Bank, United Veterans and The Salvation Army (in Birmingham). You can get in touch with your local charities through a quick phone call. Most of them offer a free pickup service. You may also want to give away some items to your friends and neighbors.

3. Recycle

Most of the councils run a recycling center, offering a free service to local residents. This can be a good way to dispose of your household waste. You just need to arrange a vehicle to deliver the waste to your local recycling center. However, certain types of hazardous waste like electronics and poisonous chemicals may not be allowed. Moreover, you may be asked to present a proof of residency. Visit your council’s website to get more information on recycling norms.

4. Dispose of Responsibly

In addition to being unethical and harmful to the environment, disposing of garbage irresponsibly may also make you liable to legal penalty. Make sure you dispose of your garbage in the right manner. Hazardous and corrosive materials (oils, batteries, glass bottles, aerosols, etc.) should not be put in regular waste bins. Instead, you should send them to your local resource recovery center or a hazardous waste processing company. Search for hazardous waste disposal service in Birmingham and other places in UK.

5. Hire a House Clearance Service

house clearance tips

Hiring a house clearance company substantially takes away the burden off your shoulders since you can rest assured that everything will be handled professionally. However, see to it that the company is legit and registered with the concerned authorities. House clearance Birmingham companies are required to have a waste carrier license. Look for similar requirements in your area. Most of the companies offer a customizable plan allowing you to decide what all you want the professionals to handle. You can hire them for individual tasks, such as to organize your storage, sell items for you, remove garbage from your house, etc. instead of the entire clearance process.

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