Top 5 Eco Friendly Buildings of the World

There are so many features that make a building eco-friendly: methods and material used for construction, architectural design, insulation, energy efficiency, use and reuse of resources such as water, ability to be self sufficient in respect of at least some of their energy needs… the list goes on. We take a look at some of the world’s most eco friendly buildings and the features that make them so.

1. The Bank of America Tower, New York

bank-of-america-new-yorkMany commentators and observers have mentioned this building as one of the most eco friendly in the world. Constructed in 2004 and completed in 2009 at the cost of $1 billion, the building uses floor to ceiling insulting glass to contain heat and also to maximize the amount of natural light that enters inside.

The grey water management system captures rainwater for reuse. The materials used to make the building are mostly either recycled or recyclable. Air that enters and exits the building is filter cleaned, so that it emits no pollution.

2. The Council House 2 Melbourne

melbourne-council-houseThe design of the building that houses the Council of Melbourne has obtained a Six Green star rating for the fact that the building has very low emissions, reduced electrical and gas consumption very significantly. The fittings in the building such as T5 light fittings, energy saver computer monitors make it unique. Its solar panels, and gas fired cogeneration plant satisfy a significant portion of the building’s energy needs and lower CO2 emissions.

3. The Clinton Presidential Center

clinton-presidential-centerThis is another building that is designed in a way that is sensitive to the environment and bases itself on the principles of sustainable development. Some of its earth friendly aspects include solar panels, charging points for electrical vehicles, rooftop garden, and flooring made from recycled rubber tires. The garden uses no chemical pesticides or fertilizers and collects runoff for its maintenance.

4. PricewaterhouseCoopers Building, London

price-waterhouse-coopers-londonThis office building near Tower Bridge in London is supposed to the most eco friendly building in the London. It is built with an open central courtyard design, that lets in natural light and has other features to lower carbon emissions.

5. The Dome Home

dome-homeRather than one specific building this is a concept of prefabricated domes from International Dome House Co ltd. Made from expanded polystyrene, the structure has great air circulation and insulation properties. Further it is material that is resistant to damage from the elements and to termites, doesn’t rot or rust!

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