DIY Solar Panels for Home Use

Solar panels to light up, heat or cool your home – in fact for any of your home energy needs – can be a great idea. It means that you rely on clean, non-polluting, renewable and sustainable energy and lower your reliance on the grid. After the initial outlay for buying and installing the solar panels, it could also mean considerable savings for you, as your electrical bills become lower. There are also tax rebates or other government incentives for solar panels that make this such a great idea.

Things to keep in mind

Firstly you have to evaluate whether solar panels are feasible given the type of house you live in. in an apartment block you will need to get the other residents on board. Even in an independent bungalow or town house, you need to consider your location. Do you get sufficient direct sunlight without being shadowed by trees, other buildings and so on?


You then need to consider whether you will be able to make this into a DIY project that you can handle yourself or whether you need help in terms of technical assistance. Also consider whether you want to install roof mounted solar panels or ground based ones. It may be a good idea to get a professional assessment for your situation and your requirements.

Also consider whether you want the solar panels to provide for all of your electrification needs, or whether you want to install a smaller system that will cost less, but which will generate only a portion of your home energy needs.

Also find out if the building regulations in your area will allow you to install the solar panels. Find out in advance what their rules and guidelines are so that you don’t meet with frustration later.

Consider your budget and take into account all of the costs that you’re likely to incur. Remember you will need tools, roof mountings upon which the solar panels will go, and other miscellaneous hardware items for the installation.

How to pick solar panels for home use

A number of small, easy to install and easy to use solar panel kits are available online, at stores such as Amazon. They are designed not only for home use, but can also be useful for recreational vehicles, boats, cabins and so on or for power back up in case the grid fails.

For the more elaborate types of solar panels, you can look at various service providers on the net. Read user reviews and ask around with family and friends for their experiences.

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